Get Fit in the Gym, Get thin in the Kitchen

by / Tuesday, 01 April 2014 / Published in Nutrition

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I LOVE the caption on our Facebook today, and decided this is a great topic to blog about.  Sometimes on the road to optimal health we get well acquainted with the workout side of our health, but we don’t fully value the nutrition side of the equation.  If you are struggling to lose weight even though you have the healthy habit of exercise you may be missing the importance of fueling your body.   Our bodies are marvelous machines.  They work well even when we don’t treat them with the best meals or the best rest.   Should I say… your body will work well for awhile. Over time if working out is not balanced with rest and good vital food,  we can become over trained, under nourished  while over fed… and our health will suffer.

A great lesson in balance is to work out well, eat well and get enough sleep.  Why is this important?  Surveys indicate that at least 66 per cent of American adults are now overweight or obese.  You can be  fit and still be overweight.  Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes, so deciding what size you want to be for your health is important.

Spending more time in your kitchen can actually reduce your waist size, increase your energy and help your body arm itself against disease with a great by product…. being lean!  Nothing can show off your hard work better than being lean and defined!  It’s not just about the calories you are eating, it is really about the nutrients you are eating.  How can you start?

  1. 1. Create a new energy management system.  This is the key, simply it is balance.
  2.   Controlling your insulin pump.

The best way to start your new energy management system and control your insulin is with 6 fueling meals per day.  The benefits of eating a small amount of food more often are:

  • Help you lose weight
  • Control hunger
  • Reduce blood insulin
  • Lowers total cholesterol levels
  • Reduces levels of apolipoprotein B
  • Increases bile acid secretion
  • Suppress free fatty acid levels
  • Reduces adipose tissue enzyme levels


The benefits you will receive from moving to the 6 fueling meals a day will be worth a small amount of effort it will take to prepare your meals.  I will post some great small fueling options for you to try.  Start today and begin losing excess body fat by the end of the week!  It can be that easy.