Jan 29th Spring Short Season registration begins for CO-ED and Men’s. Registration begins for our Youth Tournament’s for late Feb and March.
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Age groups and divisions:

  • Divisions: A-most competitive, B-competitive/rec, C-strictly rec/for fun
  • 8 weeks for season play then a playoff system. Each league/division can be modified based on enrollment.
  • Click on division for results and schedule

Youth Divisions:

• 03/04  Rankings   Schedule 

• 05’s-A  Rankings   Schedule 

• 07’s-A  Rankings   Schedule 

• 06/07  Rankings   Schedule 

• 08/09  Rankings   Schedule 

Adult Divisions:

• CO-ED  Rankings   Schedule 

• Men-A  Rankings   Schedule 

• Men-B  Rankings   Schedule 

• Fall Session Open Men  Rankings  

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