Speed School @ LifeQuest

Speed School @ LifeQuest.
We are offering Youth Sports Training
M - T 5:00-6:00 p.m.
2 times per week

Speed School 2

tab1 Our coaches implement individualized programming that will enable your athlete to improve their performance. Our program is crafted entirely for the individual to meet the specific needs of their sport and position. This style of training facilitates your athlete’s ability to advance to a higher level of competition.

Throughout the year, training protocols will be implemented to promote peak performance. Out-Of-Season programs are optimized to develop a functional base of strength and speed. Our In-Season programs are designed to manifest power and performance during competition.

The Speed School @ LifeQuest also develops hybrid programming for multisport athletes to make them successful in all sports.

Speed 2 - $120 Athlete trains with coach up to two (2) times a week for a month.

tab1The Speed School @ LifeQuest training encourages your athlete to maximize their:

• Speed, Quickness, and Agility
• Strength, Power, and Endurance
• Sprinting Form and Running Techniques
• Dynamic Mobility, Stability, and Balance
• Multidirectional Foot Speed
• Optimization of Acceleration and Control of Deceleration

tab1Train with the team and get better together while having even more fun. Team rates are available for teams of 8-15. Private reservations of The Speed School Training Room will be made for teams.

Team 2 - $800 Train with your team two times each week for a month

Team 3 - $1200 Train with your team three times each week for a month

Team 4 - $1450 Train with your team four times each week for a month

Teams are the same age and development level athlete’s.Team pricing included 8-14 players. Individualized rates may be requested for teams of 15 players or more.

tab1All athletes are given individual attention to their specific sporting needs.

Your athlete will gain a competitive edge with The Speed School @ LifeQuest. We focus on individualizing each athlete’s training program. Each athlete will receive a sport specific assessment before starting and a reassessment monthly to measure progress. Our highly developed programs are proven through research and experience to be successful in enhancing your athlete’s performance.