Athlete Training

Take your fitness and sports performance to a whole new level.


Elite Ambitions FAST Training
eliteElite Ambitions Sports Training program was designed with an emphasis on improving the overall athleticism of the high school prep athletes with a busy schedule. The two-day-per-week format allows dedicated athletes to do sport-specific training with their school or club sport coaches in conjunction with quality performance training at EA. This package is perfect for the athlete trying to prepare and further his or her playing career at the collegiate level. Ages 12-18

Elite Ambitions Fast Training- 2x per week $100.00 per month ( 8 consecutive sessions)




Youth Ambitions Sports Training
youthYouth Ambitions was created for athlete’s ages 8 to 11 who are interested in improving their overall athleticism. The program is designed to introduce all components of athletic training in a positive learning environment. Drills and applications are used to teach skills, while keeping athletes attentive and maximizing effort. Athletes should come away from this program with improved athleticism and a positive attitude toward training.

Youth Ambitions training- 2x per week $100.00 per month (8 consecutive sessions)



Team Training- Sports Training
Team Training Training with your team is one of the most effective ways to train. Not only will you soar to new heights individually, but the team will improve as a whole. When your team is dedicated to increasing its speed, power, agility and explosiveness you’ll see the benefits in the upcoming season. Custom Athletic Training For Your Team We know that each sport and each team requires specific training styles and techniques. No two sports, or teams, for that matter, should train exactly the same. Whether its general fitness training or specific agility training program, our team training model is designed for optimal results.

Team Training- Pricing to be determined based on training schedule and the amount of athletes we will be training. Team training must consist of a minimum of 10 team participants.  Contact Sonnia King for scheduling and pricing.