Birthday Parties

We do the work. You have the fun!

Make your child's next birthday party the easiest one you've ever planned by celebrating at LifeQuest. With lots of games and activities to choose from, our coaches and hosts will excite and entertain the entire party! You'll have nothing to worry about because we'll take care of the games, setup and cleanup. You can sit back and enjoy the fun from the sideslines - or join in!

Party packages start at $225 -Includes a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Party Breakdown:

  • 2 hours of FUN and up to 2 (dry) activities
  • Full access to the party room during the party.
  • Additional time and/or activities may be purchased
  • Additional play time can be purchased before or after room time but is not coupled with room time. $70.00 per extra hour

We offer two ways to party, pool parties and party room parties. Pool party pricing includes up to 20 total participants (children & adults) at the party. Our party room parties accommodate up to 25 total participants (children & adults).

Have more guests? No problem, each additional guest is $7.00.

Call Amy Suss at 509-545-5191 for a customized quote.

LifeQuest provides the following for each party:

  • 2 party attendants will set up, play and entertain guests. After the party they will take care of the clean up!
  • Your party includes: plates, forks, knives, spoons, balloons and tablecloths. You choose your own custom colors of balloons and tablecloths
  • Bottled water
  • Big bowl of fresh popped popcorn


Party Activities

It's our goal to offer you best party ever - customized to what you're dreaming of. With the purchase of a party package, you can customize your party with your choice of activities. If the birthday kid has a special game they would like to play, we are opened to it!


GOOOAL! Pass, trap, shoot and score your way to a party full of fun! Soccer parties at Arena Sports are can be filled with awesome soccer games like Sharks and Minnows, World Cup, Battleship and more. But of course, you can also play a traditional game of scrimmage to see who the ultimate champion is or try your luck by playing kids versus parents.

Lil' Kickers Soccer Games

Have fun playing your favorite Lil’ Kicker games. Whether it’s being a space ranger in "Alien Tag" or using your chompers in the game of "Sharks," you will have a blast. These games are age appropriate for 18 months to 9 years and guarantees plenty of fun!

Inflatable Fun Zone

Bounce off the walls in our unforgettable Inflatable Fun Zone! With our gigantic 35 foot inflatable obstacle course and bouncy house available, kids will be jumping and sliding their way to a party full of fun.

Flag Football

NO TACKLING HERE!! Strap on those flags and put on your jerseys. It’s time for some area code distance passes for touchdowns and ground breaking runs. With pylons marking the end zone and a referee in full uniform, it’s your very own super bowl with your child as the MVP of the game.

Food and Extras

One more advantage of partying with the LifeQuest crew! Have your food ready when you are!

Your choice of a 14" Large pizza (8 slices)

  • Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Hawaiian (Canadian bacon & pineapple)
  • The Works

Ask us to have it delivered to your next party. Each pizza is $20


Party with the Bunny our Lil’ Kicker Mascot $25
Extra 60 minutes playtime $65
Additional guests:$5 per guest

Contact Information
Amy Suss
509 545-5191



Warm your arms up for some throwing action. Blazing balls torching past your body as you bob and weave through the battle field. Catch a ball and you may live, but have one bounce off your body and to the sideline you go. Do you have what it takes to dodge past your opponent’s ball to be the lone man standing?

Capture the Flag

Prepare your troops for battle. There is one quest, and that quest is to capture the other team’s flag. It’s a war out there. If you get captured, you have no option but to go to jail. Sneak by them and you have a chance to survive and capture the most coveted prize, the flag. This will take teamwork; do you have what it takes?


Batter…Er Kicker Up!
Set up like baseball but using your feet and a rubber ball, kick a homerun! Run around the bases before your tagged out!

Rock Wall

Let your kid be their best Spider Man on their special day! The LifeQuest rock wall is great for all ages. We have all the climbing equipment; shoes, ropes, harnesses and trained belay professionals. Let your party climb to new heights!


Splish! Splash!
Come make a splash in our pools, we provide the toys, you provide the towels!


Classic game is set up with your choice of either a beach ball or a standard ball.

Scooter-Board Games

Scooter-Board Games
StarWars, Scooter Soccer, scooter races.
New twists on an old favorite.

Floor Hockey

No cold ice here! Just awesome shots!
Party goers divide into two teams and slap, sweep and push the puck around with hockey sticks to score a goal.

Wiffle Ball

Knock it out of the park with wiffleball!
An Indoor version of the great outdoor game. Swing batter batter batter SWING!!

Custom Parties

Have a little bit of everything. Pick and choose more than one activity to become an all-star in more than one of the LifeQuest games. You can also bring in your own games in. We can customize the games and party to your liking. You call the shots and we make it happen.