We are Family

LifeQuest encourages family play. Monthly, we hold Family Fun Time. This time ranges from day to night depending on the activity. We have something fun for every age. This is a time for you to come as a family and just enjoy your precious time together. We will provide activities such as face painting, obstacle course running, rock wall climbing, playground gaming and loads of laughing. Be sure to enroll in our monthly newsletter for all the most current information about our activities. Now let's have some fun!



Kids Club ages 8 wks to 5 years

Kids Club is a fun recreation center for little ones. Our staff provide a safe, fun and active environment every time your children are here. There are crafts, parachute games, imagination stations and more. Kids Club is apart of your All Inclusive Membership. You can enjoy two hours per day with your membership. If you do not have an All Inclusive Membership you many purchase a Junior Day Pass which includes Kids Club. With a Junior Day Pass, your child will also have full access to all of the club's amenities including the pool. If you are interested in upgrading your membership to include Kids Club contact a Membership Representative today. 

Kids Club Adventures ages 6 years to 10 years

Enjoy all the fun of Kids Club with the bonus of more adventure. Your child will participate in 

• Climbing the Rock Wall (Monday-Wednesday 5-6:30pm)

• Shoot some hoops on the Basketball court

• Never ending Turf Games 

• Soccer scrimmages 

• Creative Crafts

Kids Club Unleashed ages 10 & 11 years

We know that some children between 10 and 11 years old don't really want to be completely supervised but we know as parents that they might not be quite there yet so we have Kids Club Unleashed for them. Here's how it works, check your child into the Kids Club. Once they are checked in, they will receive an orange bracelet. Once they have their orange bracelet on they will be able to play respectfully in the following areas; the gymnasium and soccer fields. Note:These areas fill up quickly. Call in advance for availability. The orange bracelet lets our staff know that they are free to roam but if there is inappropriate actions your child will be returned to Kids Club for the remainder of your visit. We want our young members to be able to enjoy LifeQuest. It's their club too. 

Children ages 12 & 13 years

By this age your child wants to be out on the cardio deck or in a group exercise class or lifting weights with you. We think that is great! Bring your child to the Kids Club, there is no need to check in but the Kids Club staff will give you a blue bracelet for your 12 or 13 year old to wear while they are at the club. This blue bracelet gives them supervised access to the weight room floor, cardio deck and group exercise classes. It also gives them unsupervised access to the gymnasium and soccer fields. The benefit of you getting a blue bracelet for your child is that our staff will know that they are old enough to participate in all part of the club and we won't have to disrupt their workout with a question like, "How old are you?" We truly appreciate your corporation in this program. It is helpful for us all.


Hours of Operation & Cost

Monday - Friday 8:00am-12pm & 4pm - 8pm

Saturday 8:00am-12pm

Sunday Closed


Family All Inclusive

and Adult +1 memberships


Hours of Operation


Tuesday 5-8p

Wednesday 5-8p

Thursday 5-8p

Fridays by appointment only.

(Requesting appointment time does not guarantee availability)



Rock Climbing for All

Have you tried climbing our rock wall? Rock climbing is offered to all members. Rock wall climbing is a great full body workout. You can take advantage of this unique exercise with our certified belayers. 

Climb as a Group

Host your own group climb, as a member or non-member, with up to 15 of your friends. This is a great activity to share with your friends, youth group or Scouts. Each group climb is one hour and costs $75. Call today to schedule your own group climb. 



partyLifeQuest offers a variety of party packages and accessories to fit every child’s wish. Let us take care of all the work so you can just sit back and enjoy the party

Whether your little one wants to scale a wall or score a goal, we have a great deal of activities sure to exceed their expectations!

Every party comes with your choice of one or two activities that you can mix and match to create a completely customized party guaranteed to make your child smile!



Our Activities:

  • Giant Bounce House: Bounce around in our newest addition.(participants must meet weight and height requirements)
  • Rock Climbing: Reach high with a rewarding challenge of beating the wall.(participants must meet weight and height requirements)
  • Soccer: Keeping score or not, you’re sure to have a blast scrimmaging around our turf.
  • Basketball: Dribble and pass your way around our full-size courts.
  • Dodgeball: Duck, dive and dodge with non-stop fun in a great game of DodgeBall.
  • Flag Football: No tackling, just reach for the flags in this game of epic proportion.
  • Craft Time: Designed for the creative souls, we’ll have a blast in your own art studio.